Pastor Henry Aggrey, BA (Hons) Theology

Reverend Henry Aggrey, BA Hon's Theo. the anointed minister for the River of Life Ministry.


The Vision

To raise up men and women for the work of the Ministry.

(Based on Ephesians 4: 11-13)


Vision Outline
1. To offer a 24 hour open door policy
  • a. To offer the community a 24-hour church access.

  • b. To establish a place of worship where members of the community can come and find time to pray, talk and to express their Christian beliefs.

  • 2. To disciple people for Christian ministry
    • a. To offer all age groups the challenge of ministering in cell groups and church ministry.

    • b. To raise up a strong outreach team and street ministry.
    • c. To create awareness of our ministry within the community.
    3. Youth Club
  • c.i. To cultivate an environment for young people of the community to interact and express their Christian beliefs.

  • c.ii. To uncap the hidden potential within them, that will help benefit the local community.
  • 4. Counselling
  • a. To train people in the field of counselling.
  • b. To be a spiritual healing centre in the areas of:
  • Marriage
  • Parenting
  • Poor Health
  • Religious Direction.
  • 5. Multi-media Centre
  • a. To create an accessible Christian Library service for the community.
  • b. To provide young people with opportunity to read motivating magazines that are based on Christian spiritual morality, and offers guidance and support.

  • c. To create a Christian family video shop where all members of the family find films that are morally suitable, uplifting and enjoyable.

  • 6. Social Events
  • a. We desire to have a place of support for the basic needs in our local community. In the areas of:
  • Clothing
  • A warm meal
  • A place to socialise.
  • b. To hold Fund raising events and donate the proceeds to charities in the local community.
  • c. To offer pre-school activities.
  • d. To provide a parents and toddlers group.
  • e. To set up nursery facilities to the local community, for ages 1 - 4 years of age.


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